Approved cable, chain or hook lift container weighing system

Weighing systems in cable, chain and hook-lift vehicles are widely used.

Welvaarts provides 3 types of approved weighing systems for these container loading systems.

The 1st (most common) weighing system is build with 4 or 6 hydraulic cylinders which lift up the container before weighing.
On top of the cylinders are loadcells mounted which determine the container weight.

The 2nd system is the "total on Hook" weighing system. This scale is applicable to HIAB-XR and HYVA hook lift. The 4 or 6 weighing modules are on top of the hook-lift and the container is constantly weighed

The 3rd system is the "total under Hook" weighing system.

This scale is onlyapplicable to a rigid chassis such as a Terminal Tractor.

The 4 or 6 weighing modules are mounted between the chassis and the hooklift. The container is constantly weighed.
The operation is usually done from the cab.
The software in the weighing computer is tuned for each application and
can be adapted to all conventional tickets (receipts).