Data transfer of weighing data to business administration

To process the weighing details into your accounting system the information must first reach your office.
The best known & oldest way is to directly print a weighing ticket in the truck, which will be brought to the office. This can be done with a roll or receipt printer & if desired with a copy for the customer.

Our second option is with a memory card. With the supplied program the memory card brings the client details from your network to the weigh computer & the weighing information back to your network.

A third option for companies that can’t afford to wait for the information to come back then you can opt for a wireless, (GPRS/UMTS), internet connection to transfer the data to your server.

Via a secure internet connection it is possible to log in, check & process the information. This process can also be installed to run fully automatically.

Our fourth option is to integrate with an existing onboard computer

The weighing information would be sent over the existing (GPRS/UMTS), connection to your office.

For advice over which system is the most suited to your company’s needs, we would be happy to help



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