Calibrated shipping container weighing platform!

Place a shipping container with a reach stacker or crane onto the weighing

platform and you will directly have your calibrated gross container weight.

The shipping containers can be weighted full and empty

so you can determine the nett product weight. The advantage of

this system is flexibility and time savings, because it takes little effort

to produce calibrated weighing data to your office or customer.

This type of weighing system can be specified in two different executions.

It can be equipped as a regular platform as well as a platform

with tipping capabilities.

Calibrated weighing system for Straddle carrier!

Welvaarts weighing systems also provides a calibrated weighing 

solution for Straddle carriers. 

Our system is equipped with tilt detection and correction which 

makes it a certified and calibrated weighing system in 

class 3 or 4, which can be used in any European country.

In addition the mobile weighing system can be equipped with

a printer, data through internet or other options necessary.

This combination makes your Straddle carrier an even 

more versatile machine for handling shipping containers.


Calibrated weighing system for Side Loader 
or Self-Loading trailer!

 Another possibility to verify the gross mass of a container is by applying a

weighing system on a sidelifter, known by brands like Hammar and Valart.

The principle of a skip loader weighing system is applied on a Side Loader.

2 weighing modules are mounted onto the arms of the side loader which than

transmit the weighing data directly to your weighing computer or into the cloud.

The VGM(verified gross mass) of a container is than immediately 

available for further processing. You want the VGM of your container?

Ask for our Solas proof solutions.


Data transfer

After the weight has been determined it can be enriched with extra

information needed and is then due to be send to another place.

Data can be delivered through a printer, but can also be transported

to your back office system or Welvaarts cloud by Gprs.

- Quick and easy to move
- Resolution of 20, 50 or 100 KG
- Class III Calibrated (after displacement)
- Also working on uneven ground

We will gladly provide you with our advice.